D8: The Unpredictable (Kanazawa).

Hi, good morning everyone. I watched a video yesterday by Nas Daily on Facebook. It reminded me that if you keep trying to do the same thing, you will get better on it. That’s why I will keep trying to share about my experiences in Japan. So, Let’s begin!

Our itinerary today is supposed to be exploring the Alpine Route. Unfortunately, yesterday night we saw an announcement on its website, saying that the Snow Wall Walk “Yuki-no-otani” is closed due to bad weather. So, we have to re-arrange our itinerary to make sure we still visit this place. The bad news are we have purchased a ticket for tomorrow’s trip to the majestic Gifu area and can’t reschedule those since all of the tickets on later date have sold out. In the end, we decided to sacrifice one day in Kyoto for the Alpine Route.

So, given the fact that we are unable to visit Alpine Route today, we take our time enjoying our remaining time in Meguro area, where we will leave Mr. Sasaki’s apartment to move to our new apartment in Kanazawa area. Thanks for the great stay, Mr. Sasaki! We definitely recommend his apartment if you want to stay around Shibuya or Meguro area. It also has a 5G Wifi connection, ultra fast! Check it out here.

We checked out and rode a Shinkansen to Kanazawa Station for free using our Japan Rail Pass. For your information, JR Pass can only be purchased outside Japan and by non-Japanese. We bought a 7-day ordinary one, which is priced at ¥29110 each. Prior purchasing the pass, we have calculated our transportation fees and compare it. It turned out that we could save a lot using JR Pass, hence, we bought them.

If you plan to visit only major cities, such as Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, we believe you don’t need this pass. It would be way cheaper to purchase the round trip ticket instead. Kindly note that JR Pass doesn’t valid for the fastest bullet train type, which is Shinkansen Nozomi.

The view on our way to Kanazawa Station. We can already see the Mount Tateyama from here. We have moved the schedule to visit it the day after tomorrow.
It took us about 3 hours and 10 minutes to reach Kanazawa Station.

First thing that we did after arriving in Kanazawa Station was…. taking a picture of it… Nah, nope. We went to Tourist Information Center and asked about the bus fare and schedule, since we have communicated with our new host in Kanazawa that the apartment is within walking distance from the famous Hiroko-ji bus stop. This bus stop is the nearest to Kanazawa’s Ninja Temple as well.

We then took a Kanazawa Loop Line Bus to get to the bus stop. There are 2 types of Kanazawa Loop Line Bus, the Kanazawa Right Loop Bus (Red in Color) and Kanazawa Left Loop Bus (Green in Color). Right loop is leaving from Kanazawa Station while Left loop is coming towards Kanazawa Station. For Kanazawa Loop Line bus, you don’t need to buy the ticket. You simply hop on the bus and take the ticket in the bus. Then you exit through front door after putting the money on the box beside the driver. However, if you plan to tour around Kanazawa area, you can also buy the one-day pass for ¥500.

We missed the bus stop, we weren’t sure why. Since the bus in fact didn’t stop at Hiroko-ji bus stop. Maybe since nobody went off there, or we didn’t listen to the announcement. Hence, we had to get off at the next station, and walk a bit to the apartment. We had a difficulties finding the apartment since the maps given from Airbnb was not accurate. After winding up here and there, finally we requested an assistance from a friendly Japanese. He looked at the address in Japanese writing and said he will walk with us to the apartment. Wow.. He was about to go jog with his friends, but decided to help finding the apartment for us??? All hail Japanese kindness!!!

Nishi Chaya District
My girlfriend took a picture of this earlier but we passed through this alley. Eventually got back here since the apartment is in this alley. Holy molly…

The apartment was brought to us by the squad that called themselves Omotenashi Alliance Team. The apartment sure is cozy and had a nice interior. It has 4 japanese-styled beds, a small dining room, free wifi, TV, a toilet and a bathroom. The price is affordable too.

Due to our itinerary changes, we tried to contact our host for the possibility to extend the stay into 2 days. Unfortunately we couldn’t. The next day has been booked by other guests. The host was very helpful too, she provided us with the details of the apartment, the appliances, wifi password, key locker and many more before our arrival and also, helped us to find another accommodation by telling her Omotenashi Alliance team. This made us think that our plan might not run as how it should have been, but then there is always something else to be grateful for.

The room looks like this. Interested? Click here.

We have bought our dinner at Lawson just before, so we had our dinner in the dining room, watch TV, and rest for our trip to Gifu area tomorrow.

Basically that’s all. Today is about how we rest in Kanazawa, hehehe… Stay tune for tomorrow’s big day!! Alpine route here we come!

Charlie Pramana

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